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Active Substance: Stanozolol
Package: 100 tabs(10mg\tabs)
Dosage: 30 to 50mg every day

The structure is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone form. Originally used on horses, but after approval by the FDA - began to be used for sporting purposes. Although Stanozolol is an antagonist of progesterone, it does not block the Nandrolone's effect of progestogen. Injectable Winstrol Depot peculiarity is that it has the form of an aqueous unlike most steroids.


Regarding Stanozolol tablets, the active ingredient is not degraded during passage through the liver and has a high bioavailability. The presence of the alkyl group in the alpha position 17 causes Stanozolol to have toxic effects on the liver. In addition to this drawback, this steroid rarely causes side reactions and is frequently used by women (however, as likely excess at all dosages, virilization and masculinization may appear).


Stanozolol Steroid Profile


Anabolic effects - 320% of testosterone.

Androgenic effect - 30% of testosterone.

Aromatization - absent.

Release form of Stanozolol - vial (injection) and tablets.

The level of liver damage - moderate, regardless of the form of the steroid.

Duration of action - up to 8 hours.

Detection time at Doping Control - up to 360 days.

The use of Winstrol steroid by competing athletes is practically impossible. The newest methods of gas chromatography-mass spectrometry can detect traces of the use of Stanozolol, even a year after the completion of the cycle.


Stanozolol Effects


Increasing muscle relief. Stanozolol for sale is quite a specific anabolic steroid. It virtually does not increase muscle volume, but at the same gives the body excellent embossing, greatly enhances vascularity and promotes the reduction of body fat.

Withdrawal of accumulated fluid. After you buy Winstrol, is effective after and during AAS to eliminate excessive hydration of the cells.

Increased appetite.

Reducing the level of binding globulin sex hormone (improving the efficiency of the reception of other anabolic androgenic steroids).

Anti-progestenic and anti-estrogenic effects (without scientific evidence).

Increased athletic performance and endurance.


Stanozolol Dosage / Cycle / Stack


Stanozolol cycle solo is most often used for drying to obtain quality relief of muscles. The most noticeable effect is felt by the athletes with moderate fat and sufficient weight. Recommended injectable Stanolozol dosage (Winstrol Depot ampoule) - 50 mg daily, for tablets - 30 mg. With regard to representatives of sports-oriented endurance (eg, athletes and boxers), for them will be enough 10-20 milligrams. Stanozolol solo cycle lasts about 5-8 weeks.

Before taking Stanozolol is best to undergo a medical examination and consult with a specialist. Upon completion of the reception of Stanozolol, 2-3 days PCT starts to normalize the body's vital signs.


Combined cycles with Stanozolol


To increase the effect, as well as minimize the potential adverse reactions, it is possibly to take Stanozolol in combination with other steroids. For example, Methandrostenolone, Anadrol or Testosterone (with stronger androgens). Winstrol Depot serves as a certain stabilizer, which allows to reduce the negative manifestations and strengthen the anabolic effect. Receiving mixed cycles with Winstrol Depot or Wintrol Tablets has one main rule: the total weekly volume of AAS shall not exceed 500 milligrams (for amateurs).


Stanozolol Side Effects


Stanozolol is one of the safest steroids, and even can be used by women. It shows no estrogenic activity, and athletes do not face edema and gynecomastia. Winstrol dries ligaments. If you use it unthinkingly, greatly increasing training loads, it can be damaged until the rupture of tendons and ligaments. The second "sides" frequency is the increase in blood pressure. It is also possible to increase the level of cholesterol, and some androgenic effects: suppression of endogenous testosterone levels, acne, hair loss. To eliminate the toxic effects on the liver, take hepatoprotectors. Side effects of Stanozolol are infrequent, and if all of the provisions that give instructions are put on the application, you can use the drug with almost complete security.


Stanozolol Reviews


The vast majority of users say that is a good fat-burning effect. Reviews of Winstrol Depot and Winstrol Tablets characterize it as an excellent means for "dry" cycles. Stanozolol is used almost by all bodybuilders, often it can be found in the arsenal of athletes.

Highly regarded ability to increase strength and endurance performance without affecting muscle mass. Reviews of stanozolol talk about this steroid as an optimal tool for the first AAS cycle. However, Stanozolol is combined with a number of anabolic and androgenic.


How to use Stanozolol

The most common dosage for Stanozolol is:


30 to 50mg every day


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