Turinabol, Turinover, Turanabol, Turamoth

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Active Substance: 4-Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone
Package: 100 tabs (10mg/tabs)
Dosage: 30 to 60 mg every day



Release form - tablets. The main difference from the classic "methane" is the presence of additional chlorine atom on the fourth carbon atom. For the first time the drug was developed by Josephamr - German pharmaceutical company, in 1961. Also may be found under the names: Turinover, Turanabol, Turamoth and some others.


It was developed as a means of lines of anabolic and androgenic agents in East Germany since the 60s of the last century. At that time the Germans had created a whole group of highly steroids, and yelled Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone was one of them. It was produced in order to obtain a mixed version of Oxandrolone and Methandrostenolone, which would have enough anabolic effect and a low probability of occurrence of adverse reactions.


Turinabol Profile


Anabolic activity - 180% from testosterone.

Androgenic activity - 50% from testosterone.

Conversion rate into estrogen - low.

Impact on the axis hypothalamus-pituitary-testes - moderately low.

Level of exposure to the liver - is highly toxic.

Release form - tablets.

Half life - up to 16 hours.

The period of detection on doping control - up to 250 days after the last dose.


Turinabol steroid profile suggests by means as quite effective for increasing lean muscle mass, with a low probability of occurrence of side effects. Unlike Testosterone, which is rarely used alone, 


Turinabol only cycle is quite popular - especially among newcomers. This is one of the safest anabolic and androgenic steroids. Turinabol even is used by women in small doses. With regard to the competing athletes, the fact is that the reception of the AAS can be set up to 250 days after the end of cycle (for long-lived fat soluble metabolites). There are special masking agents, but they do not give 100% guarantees. Every professional athlete takes a steroid at his own risk.

Turinabol Effects

Increase in lean muscle mass. As for how much you can gain, 4-6 kg of quality muscle in 4-6 week of solo cycle, if consumed in high dose.

Increase in power rates.

Increased Stamina.

Lack of estrogenic responses.

Reducing the concentration of SHBG - globulin, sex hormone binding.

Increase free testosterone levels in the blood.

Protection of the cardiovascular system (reduced risk of blood clots in the heart and blood vessels).

As mentioned above, the preparation can be characterized as Methandrostenolone without water retention. The effect of receiving Turinabol has a delayed effect. During the cycle, the main indicators are progressing rather slowly, but they are high quality. Moreover, the decrease in the concentration of binding globulin sex hormone, increases the effectiveness of other AAS on the cycle. Professionals uses Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone in cycles for mass in combination with other steroids.


Turinabol - Dosage


The optimal dosage of the steroid was determined in the GDR during the preparation of athletes for the Olympic Games. Studies have shown sufficient effect with minimal risk of side effects at 20-40 milligrams per day. As to how to take Turinabol tablets, the daily dosage is divided into three equivalent reception. Why is this done? Firstly, you balance hormones, avoiding peaks and lows, and, secondly, significantly reduces the load on the liver. Recommended rules are not always respected, and bodybuilders often increase the amount of up to 100-150 milligrams per day.


Turinabol Only Cycle


It must be said at once that it is impossible to determine the optimal dosage, without data on the physiological indicators of an athlete, his experience in the use of anabolic and androgenic steroids, the ultimate goals and other factors. The first Turinabol cycle is recommended to begin after the date of analysis and consultation with a specialist. Turinabol optimum dosage for novice athletes does not exceed 40 milligrams. As for skiers, boxers, athletes and all those who are focused primarily on endurance, then it is enough to drink 10-20 milligrams. Cycle duration is about 6 weeks - that is enough to get quality results (gain of power-speed performance and increased muscle mass) without causing side effects. Reviews of the first year Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone only cycle, speak of it as a security tool to achieve substantial progress results.


Turinabol Combined Cycles


For muscle mass set, Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone is often combined with Testosterone Enanthate. Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone is taken to 20 milligrams daily, and the "Test" - 250 mg per week. The duration of the mixed cycle is 6 weeks, and the first stop Enanthate injection, and a week later - Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone reception. In 2012, were invented new methods of steroid detection. The so-called method of gas chromatography-mass spectrometry allows to "catch" the drug for 250 days after the end of cycle.


Turinabol Post Cycle Therapy


PCT after the Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone cycle is estrogen receptor blocker. For example, Tamoxifen. Thus itself steroids are usually not accompanied by the use of Gonadotropin or Antiestrogens. When small doses and duration of the cycle is up to 6 weeks then post-cycle therapy often can be neglected.


Turinabol  Side Effects


Since Turinabol  is 17-alpha-alkylated steroid (which prevents the destruction of the active ingredient during passage through the liver), it is toxic. The extent of the damage can be compared with Methandrostenolone. Basically, on the liver is the main and almost the only real negative reaction. Side effects from Turinabol  - a rarity, and to "kill" your body according to the steroid, it is necessary to try very high dosages. The most common problems occur in athletes, completely ignoring the regulations, which gives instructions for use, as well as the advice of their doctor. If you exceed the cycle duration and dosage, possible significant inhibition of secretion of testosterone, the development of premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction. However, for 5 years, the practice of using steroids, controlled studies, only one case of pronounced side effects was detected.


How to use  Turinabol

The most common dosage for Turinabol  is:


30 to 60 mg every day

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